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a glimpse of us

my Sunday thoughts…


after months of waiting that felt like years and as you say ‘it feels like forever” finally the day we both waiting for came. it never got into my mind that after i left the office il finally be with that person Ive been longing for. it never really get into my mind cause i know if i do think about it too much, i would feel more nervous than ever. feels like a championship game on a national i only thought of it still waiting, or did i got used to the feeling of waiting? mmm non the less finally here comes 11:45, mins had gone by and everyone with me were so excited to see us together,  then you came out of that door and my heart is pounding faster, as i walk towards you. it was so amazing that first hug of us and how we reacted, i cant believe were together , and from that moment everything felt like a dream.

i cant believe its been a week since the last time i saw you, everything went so fast and i haven’t registered everything to be saved to this memory of mine things are flashing by everyday after your gone and it felt like a great dream that went by. i end up finding myself being confused if everything was real, that we were indeed together. lol (this bad memory doesn’t help at all) while cleaning my red bag this papers and photos on my phone reminds me that’s everything was real, and it was magical and special. that finally we were together, everything was real and wonderful, then i started to find myself missing you more than anyone else. thank you for making me feel secure,love, and special in your own way. all those morning run,the stretching and your sit ups, lunch at our room with so spicy ramen, the pandesal, the late dinner, our bed , the picnik and coffee beans, those unending walks, our laundry, for supporting me on my fries and mango cravings, the hot spring (lol) the bucket of beer while playing pool, how much we love 7’11 and their hot water, for not forgetting my coffee on your thumblr before running, those cuddle moments and the “magkano po” moments. i remember them all now, and im missing them.

i know those wonderful moments will happen again soon and we will do things together again. this thought gives smile on my face, seeing you waving your hand goodbye on that Sunday evening was really sad that put tears in my eyes but i know will be together again and make a wonderful future together. so for now il give more love to our little pine tree and make sure it will help you on my mosquito friends next time.  lol

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