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a thought for a rainy Saturday…

sometimes i ask why do people argue? is it because their tired of being together? was it their used to having each other? or is it too much care that they don’t want to loose each other? i guess a relationship without arguments isn’t a relationship at all. cause there is no room for challenge, no room for learning, no room to grow up and no room for those sweet “im sorry” that tight hugs, a kiss, or just simple but meaningful phrase of “your important part of me” lines.  

sometimes we argue with people because of the differences , petty things , and worst expectations. i come across this movie and it made me think, what if that is the best way of someone on showing how you were value to them and yet we neglect to appreciate it and see it through because were to blinded of our expectation? those qualification , those definitions we have set?  a person is indeed unique in his own little way. it maybe difficult to get the thought  but we need to know that they have there own way of doing things and we shouldn’t of compare and judge something or someone just because they weren’t the way we wanted them to be. they have their own way of showing , doing , things. sometimes its way far from how we wanted it to be done, but what if that’s their best? will you just take it for granted? bottom line we should appreciate something / someone regardless on how small or big the effort was made. we should be considerate enough to look at it on their view. we should acknowledge all those simple things cause. in life simple things make the most wonderful things that this journey worth living.

"Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together."

                                                       ——————————- Catherine

I need…


—- a year ago It wasn’t the way it was today. they say we are free to choose and decide but were not free to choose the concequences of our decisions. one journey is what is all it takes to be on track again. always remember MT 11:25-30. it was indeed a blessed sunday. having friends and family to share life and its blessings. time check? haircut time. :)

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